Your body is not unlike my own. (A romantic tryst of art & science.)
nursing student / 22yo / ♀


3D Printed replicas of mythical creature and cryptid skeletons



Study of musculature by Stuart Morris,  2011

(pen on photographs)

“During an “Anatomy For Artists” course, Stuart Morris from Liverpool, England, drew musculature on top of images of the human form. It’s neat to see how artists learn to be artists. In an age of so much conceptual art, it’s nice to see that there are artists who are really interested in mastering their technique. As Morris describes his focus,

“I’m currently strengthening my skills and technique to enable me to produce strong artwork that is applicable and transferable in a range of industries from character design and animation for games design and film through to portrait and figurative illustration for advertising, editorials, music and fashion.”